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The Misconception of "alignment" & Chiropractic

When you hear the word “alignment” what comes to mind?

The common response I hear is that my spine is misaligned.

While structurally, yes, we all have imbalances and “misalignments” based on our life experiences:

•playing sports


•dominant sides


Physical vs. Natural Alignment

In my office when I share this term I am referring to the alignment experienced physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Alignment is less about the PHYSICAL structure that comprises us and rather focused more on the energetic flow THROUGH us.

Alignment is being closer in congruence with action and thought that aligns all of us in universal truth.

The universal truth that all things are bound by LOVE.

Alignment is accessing that love in ourselves to share with others.

Through chiropractic we are able to unlock, unbind, and unwind those parts of ourselves that keep us from this universal truth of love.

One of the most beautiful outcomes of chiropractic care is to connect to the truest ESSENCE of ourselves. This means living more in alignment with your PURPOSE, your PASSIONS, and in tune with NATURE.


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