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Welcome to Soul Service

a place to call home

Soul Service Chiropractic is a holistic focused office where we celebrate you and your life experiences. We seek to support individuals who are READY to take the next step on their health and healing journey by uncovering more layers of them self that allow for greater mind, body, and spiritual connection.

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Your personalized experience

During your initial session we go through:

  • your personal life story and what brought you to the place you are currently

  • a detailed neuropostural exam to analyze how your current state is being externally expressed

  • your first adjustment! we start our work together during our initial session 

  • co-creation of a plan that provides a road map to make shifts in your body

The Soul Experience

The chiropractic adjustment is an extension of my soul to yours


In our office you will be SEEN and HEARD.

You will be welcomed back to a place you can call home.

We do not treat symptoms nor diagnose.

Instead we look at and influence the way that you heal from Above Down Inside Out


What is holistic chiropractic?

We emphasize a whole system & whole body approach.

We administer adjustments that are honoring and take into account each individuals' unique physicality.

We take a customized approach to offer care that is specific & tailored to each person.

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