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What to Expect when Starting Care




Space for you to share your unique story & life experiences so that we can get o know each other and share in the work we will be doing together



A neuro-spinal examination that gives me insight into your nervous system & how your life experiences & adaptations have intelligently influenced your system



Our first adjustment together- we introduce your system to the re-tracing & unwinding process through specific & honoring Chiropractic adjustments



During our follow-up session we discuss everything chatted about, felt & experienced in your initial session. We co-create a plan of action that is most aligned for both of us to get the most of our sessions & support you in this new phase of healing



Where you are sitting at right now, you have had years of experiences felt throughout your body. Those experiences happen in the way of three major categories- traumas, thoughts, and toxins. As we progress through life, these experiences are stored in the various tissues of our bodies. Meaning, they are tied into the patterns in which you are experiencing pain, tension, imbalances, or functional deficits, in other words, dis-ease. All of these are NORMAL adaptations, however wouldn’t we all like to live life with a little more ease and freedom? It is our goal at Soul Service Chiropractic to help you understand the root cause of the dis-ease you are experiencing to be able to process through and unwind those patterns in your body to create a more cohesive and global system.





Chiropractic is a healing art that is based on the foundational principle that healing happens from the inside out. Rather than introduce any external substance, chiropractors work with and through the nervous system to facilitate a reintegration process of those stored life experiences contained in the various tissues of the body. This discovery and integration encourages a re-learning process and ultimately places our nervous system in a balanced state where we are more accurately able to perceive our external world, understand our symptomatology, and ultimately heal.

Consistent chiropractic care facilitates balancing of the nervous system and supports the unwinding process. A transformation and transcendence beyond your current expression of health to a new state of BEing in which you are more objectively able to understand your symptomatology. While under care, we become MORE attuned to the natural world and MORE in alignment with our most authentic, and truest self. From this new state of being we are able to share from a place of neutrality rather than defense or depletion.





Our current expression of health impacts those around us. Embarking on a healing journey has a radiating effect into our lives and positively impacts those around us. Introducing chiropractic care into your holistic health routine has the potential to elevate every are of your life. From relationships, to work, to family, supporting you on your health and healing journey is at the forefront of our care and we are here for you every step of the way!

Let's heal together!

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