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Please read through the frequently asked questions that come up for people in deciding if chiropractic care is something they are looking to introduce into their holistic health care routine. If you are curious about our process, click the link below to read about our philosophy of care.

  • Do you accept insurance?
    We do not work directly with insurance companies, however if your insurance offers reimbursement for care we are more than happy to provide the necessary documentation upon request.
  • What makes holistic chiropractic different?
    Holisitic chiropractic takes a WHOLE BODY and WHOLE SYSTEM approach to how we address and care for you. We ask in detail questions about your life and past experiences to paint a whole picture of what has lead you to the point you are and exploring the potential in what may be the ultimate cause of your current health expression. Our emphasis is on mind, body, and spiritual connection- as we fundamentally believe one cannot exist with out the other and all of these components are necessary for a full life expression.
  • If I'm not in pain, can I still see a chiropractor?"
    ABSOLUTELY. We would actually argue that seeing a chiropractor BEFORE you are ever in pain is the best time to start care. We view pain as an intelligent message from the body to pay attention and to find the root cause of why the pain is manifesting in the first place and often this starts as reestablishing connection with the body.
  • What can I expect after my adjustment?
    People experience many different sensations following their first adjustment. As we start to ask the body to unwind it's many patterns that may have been there for days, months, or even years at the point you decide to start care- you many notice your system "waking up" which looks like feeling more of your body- and while this may seem like a decrease in progress- it is actual a positive benefit of being more connected to your system as a whole. You may experience a need to rest or sleep, chiropractic works through the nervous system which is the basis on how we experience and respond to life- and as we start to shift from the overdrive response of fight/flight, we enter enter a state we call parasympathetic which is our "chill out" mode and prompts us to rest, digest our food, create, and heal. You may notice an increase in energy- as we start to release these stuck areas in our system and energy is more free flowing you may notice an increase in needing to move your body.
  • Can I bring my child to a chiropractor?
    Yes! Chiropractic care for children looks very different than care for adults. We utilize very light gentle touch to influence the unwinding and processing in your child's body. Just as adjults- children experience impact from environmental factors, physical factors as they are learning to navigate this new world they are growing and learning in every day, as well the emotional impact from people they interact with and learn from. Starting care at a very young age can allow for your child to express & experience a more wholesome and natural version of themself.
  • What kind of benefits does chiropractic offer during pregnancy?
    Chiroprctic offers an increased benefit to women as they embark on the journey to motherhood. Not only do we start to look at the body in a way that structurally optimizes the support for growth and expansion- in addition, we facilitate a deeper connection to your baby as we work through the energetic blockages in the mother's system.
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