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How does our body talk to us?

With messages we call “symptoms.”

Which inherently does not make symptoms (or the lack thereof) good or bad- it simply begs the question- are you listening?

Do you tune in to ask your body what it needs in any given moment by the messages it is sending you?

How do you respond to your body when your stomach growls?

You eat.

Feel thirsty?

You drink.

Feel tired?

You sleep.

We have accepted these signals as normal, because we know the solve and it can be quite simple.

How do you respond to your body when you feel pain?

The way in which you answered this question to yourself may lead you to one of two options- numb it or lean into it.

What if the next time you felt pain, rather than numb the signal- the message your body is sending you to pay attention- you felt into that pain to discover what your body is attempting to communicate?

Feeling into pain is not easy and often comes with its own emotional ties, however it can be the MOST POTENT WAY to start to develop the two way relationship that is necessary to start to decode what your body is trying to tell you.


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